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Bayou Playhouse Presents

SEASON 7 (2014 – 2015)

A Year of Theatrical Celebration & Anniversaries


Directed by Perry Martin

Including a season packed with Special Event Performances

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Show dates and times are subject to change due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts.


investing in art

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By: Jenni Baines

The performing arts have provided solace and sanctuary for human beings for centuries past. Whether used as a way to express fear or anger, tragedy or exaltation, they have allowed people to not only reflect, but also make sense of, the many facets of the human experience for thousands of years. It appears that human beings share an intrinsic need to express and explore their emotions and experiences, and the performing arts unite people in that need. Therefore, it can be of no surprise that history is littered with countless examples of humankind’s enduring reverence for it; its legacy surrounds us and permeates our culture, which is why contemporary theater still compels and inspires us as much today as it did our ancestors….

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